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Welcome to The Nonprofit Collective Foundation and The Nonprofit Cooperative, nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting nonprofits across the U.S. We provide curated resources and training while ensuring quality through vetted Cooperative Members. Our mission is to offer nonprofits free access to essential tools, saving them time and money, so they can focus on their mission. Join us in strengthening the nonprofit sector and making a lasting impact in communities.


Tax Deductible Sponsorship

Audience Demographics

Our audience comprises passionate individuals and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities. Sponsoring The Nonprofit Cooperative will give you exposure to over 35,000 Nonprofit Decision Makers and provides a unique opportunity to connect with a demographic committed to social responsibility and community development.

Notable Achievements

At The Nonprofit Cooperative, our commitment to delivering exceptional resources and training has fueled unprecedented growth, making us a trailblazer in the nonprofit sector. Our achievements speak volumes, with a staggering 543% increase in 2023 and 332% in year 2022 of Nonprofit Associate joining our membership.

Page Views

At The Nonprofit Cooperative, we're proud to be a global nexus for nonprofits, receiving an impressive 32,000 monthly page views. Our online platform is a vibrant space where nonprofits from the United States and around the world converge for valuable resources and collaboration.

Marketing Reach

By sponsoring The Nonprofit Cooperative, you gain exposure to a diverse and extensive audience of nonprofits nationwide and globally. Our organization's reach extends far and wide, offering your brand visibility among dedicated professionals, nonprofit leaders, and businesses invested in the nonprofit sector.

Positive Brand Association

Associating your brand with The Nonprofit Cooperative signifies a commitment to social responsibility and community empowerment. Your sponsorship fosters a positive brand image, showcasing your dedication to supporting initiatives that make a lasting and meaningful impact, while bolstering your reputation.

You not only benefit from below-industry pricing but also enjoy a tax benefit for your contributions as a nonprofit supporter.

Your brand will be showcased in all promotional collateral leading up to the event and prominently throughout the four-day duration of the event.

Amplify your impact by reaching thousands of nonprofits across the United States!

Join the Nonprofit Collective Foundation & The Nonprofit Cooperative for a groundbreaking Nonprofit Fundraising Summit that will transform your approach.

Explore every facet of fundraising, think outside the box, and achieve new levels of success in supporting your mission.

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