Why Unrestricted Funds?

Unrestricted funds are a vital source of financial flexibility for nonprofit organizations. These funds have no specific program or purpose designated by donors or external entities, allowing nonprofits to use them to invest in staff, infrastructure, technology, or new initiatives. Unrestricted funds also provide long-term financial stability by serving as a reliable source of income to cover operational expenses. This allow nonprofits to respond quickly to changing circumstances and pursue their mission effectively. This highlights donors' trust in the organization's leadership and their decision-making abilities regarding the funds' distribution In short, these funds allow nonprofits to make a positive social impact.

grant application announcement
grant application announcement

Workshops To Grow Your Nonprofit!

finance workshop

With this workshop we will teach you how to get to know your donor, it's a very important part of your fundraising journey as a nonprofit organization.

backoffice workshop

This grant writing workshop for nonprofit organizations is designed to help participants gain the skills and knowledge necessary to develop successful grant proposals.


  • By combining the financial resources from our funders, we can reach more nonprofits and make a greater impact.

  • We support the success of these nonprofits by giving back through collaboration and in partnership with our funders.

  • Along with the Nonprofit Cooperative, we provide nonprofits free resources, networking, information and training to help improve their outcomes.

  • Our mission is to help nonprofits throughout the United States by providing unrestricted operational funding, which is often limited or inadequate, in order to grow, operate effectively and achieve their goals.

Three simple steps YOU can take to make a BIGGER difference

Choose the charitable cause(s) you wish to support and feel free to contribute to multiple causes!

Make your contribution to the pooled funds from partnering foundations and corporations.

Together, support multiple nonprofits with $10,000 grants to enable them to grow.

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