Mentor Program

Empowering nonprofit professionals and fostering future leaders through mentorship.

Our Mentor Program is focused on helping nonprofit executives and staff grow into more effective leaders by matching seasoned nonprofit executives with entry and mid-level professionals, or even new emerging executives, to provide guidance focused on both specific tangible outcomes as well as long term leadership development skills.

This is an opportunity for nonprofit professionals to turbocharge their careers and reach their potential. It is also an opportunity for established experts and leaders in their field to share their knowledge with upcoming members of The Nonprofit Cooperative thus nurturing the next generation of leadership in the nonprofit universe.

Peer To Peer Roundtables

Building a supportive community for nonprofit leaders through Peer-to-Peer Roundtables.

The Peer-to-Peer Roundtables are a safe place for Executive Directors, Senior Staff and Board Members to talk freely. These roundtable discussions help brainstorm with other leaders who have solved long standing problems so they can unburden themselves from day to day issues while engaging in meaningful conversations about how best forward together on crucial business challenges.

The P2P meetings allow executives at all levels within an organization to communicate more openly without any fear of judgment or criticism because it's just among peers!

Propel Your Purpose Incubator Program

A program that helps NEW or EMERGING nonprofits take their organizations to the next level

Running a nonprofit isn't easy! TNC program will help participants grow their nonprofits in our one year program. We help participants understand how a board, fundraising, taxes, and marketing works.

We've designed the Incubator to teach participants how to run a scalable nonprofit that makes a difference. Our team of nonprofit experts will guide and mentor the participants step-by-step.

Open to new and emerging nonprofits, with or without 501(c)(3) status.

Program is for US based organizations.

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