Danette L. O’Connell -  Founder and Executive Director

Danette O'Connell has been helping for-profits and nonprofits start and grow since 2004 by empowering them with divergent entrepreneurial thinking and a unique combination of finance and operations experience. She has over 20 years of a proven track record in positioning organizations through dynamic start-up, turnaround, merger, and accelerated growth periods.

Ms. O'Connell is focused on building and managing all aspects of a business transformation. She is proficient in strategic planning, financial planning, and business transformation. She has gained a reputation through satisfied customers and growing businesses.

Ms. O'Connell holds an MBA in International Business, a Bachelor's in Business Administration, and an Associate's degree in Computer Management. 

Jeanné Weidemann - Executive Assistant

Jeanné Weidemann provides administrative support to The Nonprofit Cooperative. With meticulous attention to detail and a genuine passion for her work, Jeanné's dedication is evident in all she does.

She has an appreciation for nonprofit organizations, and she wholeheartedly believes in The Nonprofit Cooperative's mission. With a decade of experience in the administrative field, Jeanné's commitment is unmatched.

When she's not diligently serving the organization, Jeanné enjoys indulging in baking, cake decorating, and exploring the beautiful beaches of her quaint coastal town in South Africa, Mossel Bay.
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Megan Willis - Account Manager

Megan Willis provides essential accounting support to The Nonprofit Cooperative, bringing a careful attention to detail and a genuine passion for nonprofit work.

Megan values the mission of The Nonprofit Cooperative and is committed to contributing to its goals. With five years of experience in the finance industry, she supports the organization's financial health and stability.

In her free time, Megan enjoys reading and exploring the beautiful surroundings of her hometown, Cape Town, South Africa.

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